fanuc arc mate 120i


A six-axis, electric servo-driven robot is the versatile FANUC ARC Mate 120i. This Industrial Robot is designed to be used in arc welding, plasma cutting, and plasma welding.  

Unit Includes

  • Fanuc Arc Mate 120i Robot
  • RJ3 Control
  • Welding torch
  • Power cables
  • Teach Pendant
  • Lincoln 455 Power source

    Manual included



    The 120i is included in the FANUC ArcMate Sequence. For over two decades, this robot was used for robotic welding. The robot used to weld is the FANUC Arcmate 120ib predecessor. The function envelope of the Arc mate 120i is greater than the ArcMate 100i. The Arc Mate 120i is a servo-powered six-axis robot. The controllers FANUC R-J3 and FANUC R-J2 are compatible with the FANUC Arc mate 120i. The 120i is a viable option for most welding applications with its ability to perform MIG and TIG welding. A FANUC robot, like the Arc mate 120i, can increase productivity dramatically at relatively low costs.


    The ARC Mate 120i has been designed with integrated utilities, including gas/airlines and an arc-soldering robotic wire feeder cable, provides enhanced reliability, reduces set-up time, and eliminates external cable demand.  The ARC Mate 120i is compatible with all major welding equipment brands, interfaces for most types of servo-driven and indexable positioners, scrubbed rollers, protective and reliable drives, an integrated control unit to minimize footprint, remove exposed cables, and cabling lanes via the center of rotation to enhance reliability.

    ARC Mate 120i robots are also available to Universal Robotic Inc. experts. Each retrofitted robot undergoes a thorough refurbishment process that restores the used ARC Mate 120i to its original form. Each ARC Mate 120i has a repackaged product that gives you a personal guarantee of the highest quality. Have any more questions? Get a quote in 24 hours and have your questions answered! We look forward to selling to you! Well, what are you waiting for? Place an order right now! We hope you place an order and we would gladly assist you in your needs.

    FANUC ARC Mate 120i

    FANUC ARC Mate 120i

    Robot Specifications

    Axes: 6
    Payload: 16 kg
    H-Reach: 1542 mm
    Repeatability: ±0.0800mm
    Robot Mass: 370 kg
    Structure: Articulated
    Mounting: Floor, Inverted, Angle