fanuc lr mate 200i


The FANUC LR Mate 200i is a compact six-axis robot ideal for a variety of manufacturing and system processes. Payload: 3.00kg with Reach of 700.00mm.

Unit Includes

  • Fanuc R200i Robot

  • RJ3 Control

  • Power cables

  • Teach Pendant

Manual included



The FANUC LR Mate 200i is a lightweight six-axis robot that is suitable for various production processes and systems. The LR Mate 200 tabletop design makes it possible to be used in a wide variety of business and industrial applications, saving floor coverage. The LR Mate 200i is built in a compact design with maximum versatility. The LR Mate 200i’s hollow joint construction includes all cable route systems to prevent snacks and absolute serial encoding eliminates the need for power-up calibration. Mounting positions upright or reversed is possible without changes to the robot. Both RJ2 RJ3 controllers can be used by LR Mate 200i.

The FANUC LR Mate 200i has IP54 standard dust and intrude kit with end-effector attachment incorporated in the wrist, fail-safe brakes on 2 and 3 axes, clamped bearings, and drives. It also has a complete solenoid valve package installed internally. In addition, axis speeds of up to 480 degrees per second are possible at 200i.

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FANUC M-710iC/50

Robot Specifications

Axes: 6
Payload: 3.00kg
H-Reach: 700.00mm
Repeatability: ±0.0400mm
Robot Mass: 39.00kg
Structure: Articulated
Mounting: Floor, Inverted