Universal Robotics Inc. promise to the customers is to provide the best of the material, machinery, the labor and of course the best of the robots in this current industry. We take our promise very seriously and try to fulfil it all the while taking care of your needs and satisfaction because it is a priority that comes on the very top of our list.

Robotic Service - Plasma Cutting

We use the latest technologies and advancements in the making of our robots and ensure the stability that our products, therefore, bring to the work they do. Universal Robotics Inc. provides both used robots for sale and industrial robots for sale.  Using the latest advancements in the technology ensures best products to come through. They are therefore very reliable and bring consistent performance throughout their time period of use.

Among the very latest automation machinery and through the latest advancement in applied science we have identified plasma cutting technology. And because of the wondrous results it brings to the products it’s used for; we have adopted it in the manufacturing of our robots.

To explain to our customers what it basically is is that it is a process of using very hot boiling plasma to cut a material that is conductive electrically. Although before only selective materials were cut through using hot plasma rod which only included stainless steel materials, plain steel materials, aluminium materials, material made from brass and copper, now various other materials that are conductive can be cut using this method. Using this method has proved to produce very effective results and continue to produce excellent condition materials with very less time, money as well as energy as before.

This luxury wasn’t available before which only made cutting materials extremely hard for our labour and workers. Not only making but cutting materials alone used much of the time and energy that could have been used productively in making more products in less time. But this didn’t stop or let it be a factor that caused hindrance to the quality of our robots because rest assured the quality of our robots is the same as it was before any of this modern technology came into use.

And now using this plasma cutting technology has proved to be very effective in not only maintaining in making the best robots in the industry for our customers but also in making the best robot products in less time and labour energy than before.

This plasma cutting process results in very unique and highly definitive cutting edges and shapes, that cannot be in any way compared to the cutting done manually. The demand of plasma cutting robots has reached the skies due to its drastic results and therefore has ultimately affected its demand, its making, its price as well as its size. We use plasma cutting robots that meet the demands of our customers and provide the best quality there can be in the industry. We can customize our robots according to the requirements that our customers ask for.

Universal Robotics Inc. using plasma cutting robots and technology ensures that we pay attention and care to every last detail that our customer needs and asks for.