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Wide Selection Of Refurbished Used Robots For Sale For A Fraction Of The Cost
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New & Used Robots For Sale

We carry one of the largest list of Used along with New Industrial Robots in North America, Our robots comes tested with 10 points inspection. We also ship worldwide.

material handling robots

Robotic Parts

Our extensive list feature hundreds of Fanuc and ABB robot parts in addition to Servo motors, Servo Amplifiers, Cpu batteries and many more industrial robot parts

assembly robots

Robotic Service

Service provider of Fanuc and ABB robots along with programming, maintenance, repairs and also complete robot refurbishing at very reasonable cost.

Hundereds Of Refurbished Industrial Robots In Stock

Universal Robotic Inc was founded in 2005 with only one philosophy that is honesty, customer satisfaction and dependability. We are North American based robotic company with offices in Dallas and Toronto,  That offers used Robots For Sale to manufacturers and various industries.

We conduct business in all four continents, Helping our customers reach their industrial goals by providing our best services in sales of industrial robotics. Our experienced technical team is always ready to service and provide technical support of all new and used industrial robots.

Since 2005, Universal Robotic Inc. has provided high quality, Used industrial robots, and robots parts undoubtedly.

We buy used fanuc robots, upgrade them to high certification levels, and supply them to manufacturing companies for a number of applications. This allows our customers furthermore to gain market access to the best robots at 50 to 70% less than the latest industrial robot. We provide a range of robotic parts, as well as maintenance and training services along with our Certified Robots. Our goal to provide quality products has constantly driven the company to seek out new advances in technology.

Used Robots For Sale

Used Robots For Sale

Call Us Now : (972) 488-1200 OR (972) 352-3552

Call Us Now : (972) 488-1200 OR (972) 352-3552
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