Fanuc M-16iB/20


Unit Includes

  • Fanuc M-16iB Robot
  • R30iA Control
  • Power cables
  • iPendant

Manual included



The FANUC M-16iB/20 has a payload capacity of 20 kilograms, which is designed for many material handling applications. It has servomotors, a straightforward design, and stable motion control, which increase efficiency and performance further.


The M16iB/20 RJ3iB has a small footprint, streamlines its design to a horizontal reach of 1667 millimeters, ensuring a large work surround and touching large sections. This robot also saves room, along with a small footprint, by allowing the fabricator to offer a variety of mounting options including floor, reverse, angle, and wall mounting.

The R-J3IB, FANUC R-J3IC, and the FANUC R-30ia controller are available in the FANUC M16ib. A05B-1216-B202 is the component number for the R-J3ib version handler arm. For version A05B-1216-B402, the part number is R-J3IC/R-30ia. Similar to the Motoman HP20, ABB 2400, and KUKA KR 16, this joint robot is accessed and charged. The flexible FANUC M-710ic/50 should be used for higher payload applications. The FANUC M-16ib is a FANUC robot used in applications that can start automation. The FANUC M-16iB/20 can be used as the RJ3iB and/or the M16iB and/or R-30iA FANUC M16iB/20 R-30iA.

If you wish to further cut your prices, consider buying from Universal Robotic Inc. a robot used by FANUC M-16iB/20. Each M-16iB/20 is retrofitted to ensure the highest quality through a very rigorous rework process. The new or used industrial robot FANUC M 16iB/20 is quick, flexible and efficient, in any manufacturing environment.

At the moment we have some robots for sale at $16,000 USD from the FANUC M-16ib. These units are coupled to the controls of the R-30iA. There are also available R-30ia operated units. Every unit is tested and operated. Various welding kits are also available such as the Lincoln Powerwave 455M, 655M, and i400. Get in touch with us here at Universal Robotic Inc. to place your order!

Fanuc M-16iB/20

Fanuc M-16iB/20

Robot Specifications


Axes: 6
Payload: 20.00kg
H-Reach: 1667.00mm
Repeatability: ±0.0800mm
Robot Mass: 270.00kg
Structure: Articulated
Mounting: Floor, Inverted, Angle