Industrial FANUC refurbished robots provide better quality than non-furbished robots. Robots that have been renovated would probably look and be identical to new robots. Refurbished robots allow a robot to be purchased at much cheaper prices than a new robot. Universal Robotic INC does renovate robots but its main aim is to supply already refurbished FANUC units that are currently in stock at their inventory!

Universal Robotic INC will help you get in touch with the right company to supply your robot if you want to buy a refurbished FANUC M-20ia for a system application for treatment or an ABB IRB 4600-45 for press maintenance. We look for the best possible price to sell used robots. Universal Robotic INC stocks many robotic brands and welding robots but we are here to talk about FANUC refurbished welding Robots and their key models that are available.

Tens of thousands of industrial plants worldwide are integrated with FANUC robots. For over 25 years, arc welding for integrators of robots, automotive systems, and manufacturing companies have been the ideal option in FANUC Arcmate Series. For example, the robotic market is widely used with FANUC welding robots and provides a great choice to automate arc welding applications. Some of the advantages of the FANUC welding robots are:

 1. Integration of Welding

The welding supply, wire feeder, and torch have been incorporated into the most used FANUC weld robots. Since FANUC started to produce them there have been A LOT of FANUC Arcmate 120ib and 100ib models in production lines of major manufacturing plants. They have incorporated Lincoln welders like the Lincoln Power Wave 455 M in order to achieve the required application. The Lincoln Powerwave i400 was later combined with robots like FANUC Arcmate 120ic and FANUC Arcmate 100ic to improve current models and have working and functional parts that pair with the 120ic and 100ic.

 2. Axis Integration

Most used welding cells conducting different robotic arc welding processes often have a servo-driven positioning axis. The robot communicates with and rotates the welding positioner by advancing the performance and minimizing the cycle time of the servo controller. Including Ferris wheel style, tilt/drive, 180-degree turntables, and head-sticks, there are many types of positioners.

 3. Commonality in the Market

The most widely used robots in the world are FANUC welding cells. Popular robots have several advantages, but they don’t suit. If the robot is popular in the commercial market, it is much easier to try to get a direct substitute or spare parts if a breakdown occurs.

4. Knowledgeable Work Force

FANUC robots have been widely used and are now demanding professional FANUC operators around the world. Therefore it is much easier than a less popular model to receive technical assistance and recruit operators with experience working with FANUC welding robots.


Universal Robotic INC offers all these FANUC welding robots in their inventory right NOW! Just visit the site, go to our inventory, and simply add refurbished FANUC welding robots into your cart at very affordable prices that can fit your company’s welding needs.