fanuc s-430if


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FANUC S-430iF is a high performance industrial robot often used in the automotive industry.

FANUC S-430iF RJ3 is ideal for spot welding and material handling application.

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Unit Includes

  • Fanuc  Robot
  • RJ3 Control
  • Power cables
  • Teach Pendant

Manual included



The FANUC S-430iF is an industrial robot that is mostly used in the auto sector. For spot welding and material handling applications, the FANUC S-430iF RJ3 is suitable. The S-430iF RJ-3 offers a broad working environment as well as power and efficiency. These applications are essential. The versatility in the S-430iF can be obtained by the mechanical part of the spring at the J-2-axis which allows for the robot to reach over its head and behind it.

The new or used S-430iF RJ3 robotic can be built mechanically and delivers accurate positioning and high-speed motions. Confidence is improved by direct driving on all axes, screening covers, and simple modular construction with few components. For near spacing of units, a compact arm option is available. The new and used FANUC S-430iF is equipped with an easy-to-use RJ3 controller, facilitating integration.

However, S-430iF is similar to S-430iW, which is 130kg load compared to 160kg. It is less expensive. The RJ3 control system was the first of all S-430 series. With an axis of 360 degrees, it is solid and reliable. It is able to function in any way and has a strong wrist that is resistant to water and dust. The flip-over movement will operate on the backside. Due to its small radius and back, it can operate in a narrow room. Handle lines and engines can be replaced quickly. The cables signal, air, and Profibus are in the mechanical unit and the R-J3 controller ensures smooth and vibration-free speed motion. The iPendant control system makes it easy to program and operate the robot.

Universal Robotic Inc. also provides a range, including the used FANUC S-430iF, of renovated robots. The used S-430iF is meticulously renovated and offers excellent quality assurance! Contact us for the price and if you have any more questions, feel free to contact us and get a quote! We reply in under 24 hours!





Robot Specifications



Axes: 6
Payload: 130.00kg
H-Reach: 2643.00mm
Repeatability: ±0.5000mm
Robot Mass: 1300.00kg
Structure: Articulated
Mounting: Floor