FANUC Robot Series

FANUC  is the world’s largest manufacturer of robots in fanuc series. More than any other manufacturer of robots is deployed globally indeed. It is known for constructing the most efficient robots, in particular 6 axis models. Moreover, They have the largest variety of robots to choose from, with over 100 models. With so many available models, you can ask “what are the best choices for the automation of industrial robots?” Below are the most common FANUC robot models.



One of the most popular robots of FANUC was the R-1000 and the R-2000 seriesas well. The R-2000ib/210F is one of the most commonly used models for the series, the R-2000ia/165F. The high-speed, long-range, flexible robots in the FANUC R-series can be employed. They can shift parts, extract materials, manage material, dispense systems, and palletize medium to heavy workloads undoubtedly. These robots can also be built into the FANUC FoundryPro option for IP67 rated security against harsh work environments perhaps, making it suitable for operations from foundries to automotive manufacturing lines.


M-710iC Series

The M-710ic/50 and M-710ic/70 are among the top FANUC model series. The M-710iC series robots are unusual in that despite their small footprint they have a large working survivor. This makes them suitable for compact, medium-sized applications with loading, range, packaging, pillarization, mountings, and arc welding machines. These robots extend the versatility to hit the back and overhead on their work surface. The M-710iC robots are also suitable for difficult work environments, as they have a high IP rating of IP67 level.


LR Mate Series

FANUC’s lighter payload robots are available in the LR Mate series. These robots are designed for compact and agile operations to mimic the human arm. The LR Mate robots can accomplish up to 85 cycles a minute in such a fast way. The compact design of the LR Mate models allows several models to be hyper-productive next to each other. The LR Mate 200id can also be found in the mounting row. These robots handle up to 7 kg of light payloads. They also have solutions for food and clean-room grade models in several industries.


ArcMate Series

The robots consisting of the ArcMate series from FANUC are specifically built for applications like MIG, TIG, and plasma welding. They can also be used for applications such as laser soldering and plasma cutting. ArcMate robots from FANUC are some of the most popular with two excellent outputs: the Arc Mate 100ic and the Arc Mate 120ic. The automotive field, which is used in welding axles and seats, is in particular favor of these robots. Their small hollow wrist makes them suitable for precise welding in close spaces.


M-10i Series

For small piece function, the M-10i series is a compact solution. M-10i robots can withstand payloads of up to 12 kg and are known as the quickest of their kind. It has high speeds on the axis, which make agile handle motions. You can also fit your slim wrist in narrow workplaces. The M-10ia and the M-10ia/12 are common models from this line.

F Series

The FANUC F series robots are parallel link style robots with six degrees of free motion. They are used in a variety of manufacturing and automotive assembly processes. Popular models are F-200iA and F-200iB with Payload of 100 kg